Life is full of memories. Don’t miss a moment of your story. Everyone has a story. The challenge is to design that story to be heard a second, third, and three hundred eighty-seventh time. Glass Rose Studios takes your desires and creates lasting presentations in any medium, from audio to still-life to live-action cinematography. We are The Storytellers.

What we do

    With the right combination of creativity, technological savvy, and attention to detail, Glass Rose Studios’ cinematographers produce visually stunning works to tell your story. Be it a feature film, wedding, event, commercial advertising, or music video, the moment exudes life with innovative design and striking appeal.

    Employing nearly 40 years of broadcast experience, the award winning in-house staff of Glass Rose Studios will deliver your message to listeners with results. Hear a sample of the creativity available.

    Capturing a moment in time is more than just point-n-click. From family portraits to weddings to fine art, the skilled Glass Rose Studios photographers look for the angles and compositions that bring the story of each moment back to life with each viewing.

    From commercials to music, A/V presentations to phone messaging, Glass Rose Studios is your one-stop shop for anything audio.

    Telling a story with information and visualization to elicit action and remembrance is our goal, combining illustrations, photographs, and type that is to be experienced in an instant and easily recognized in the future.

    The Internet is the 21st Century’s marketplace. If you’re not drawing attention on the web, no one knows you. Do-It-Yourself cookie cutter web pages blend in with everyone else’s similar sites. Let the Glass Rose Studios’ Storytellers create a one-of-a-kind Internet experience to be enjoyed, revisited, and shared with the worldwide market.

Our partners

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people.

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